As a member of an institution, government agency, health department or other public organization, you ensure rapid and seamless tracing and containment of infection chains.
You know that enormous amounts of data need to be captured and analyzed – preferably electronically processable in real time.

SecTrace helps to capture data at the host – in the restaurant, at the hairdresser, at the event – or even at private rounds and stores contact data encrypted and time-limited according to official procedures. After your registration and secure login, you – and only you – can retrieve and decrypt the contact details from our Sectrace database for the specific event period and location.
We ensure that hosts comply with their legal obligation towards you.

How do you obtain the contact data of guests if required?

In case of an infection, the health department either contacts the host and announces for which day and time window an infection case exists or contacts the SecTrace team directly.
Subsequently, the host “releases” the data for this time window, so that the contact data can be encrypted and transmitted directly from SecTrace to the health office.

The health department can now decrypt the contact data using its own key, which it has received separately from SecTrace. At this point, for the first and only time, the contact data is actually visible. But again, only for this one time period and only from the one host. So data protection is absolutely preserved here as well, both for the transmission and for the rest of the data.

Low effort

You receive the data free of charge and electronically processable. This makes contact tracing faster and more reliable.

Better data protection

The data is encrypted on a server and is only made available to you in decrypted form and only for the specific occasion. Subsequently, the data is released for this time slot and the host, and  the encrypted contact data is transmitted directly to the health department by SecTrace.

Contact tracing

The contact details of the guests are verified. You can immediately devote yourself to contact tracing and do not have to collect contact data from analog lists first.

Protection of the personal data of everyone involved

  • Data is never analyzed for movement profiling

  • Scan data is irretrievably deleted after four weeks

  • Data can only be viewed if necessary and only by the health authority

  • No visible paper lists

  • The guest remains anonymous

  • Personal data cannot be viewed even by the host

  • GDPR compliant