• Record and store the guests contact data – all in compliance with data protection laws.
  • The data of your guests will not be readable for you and will be collected and stored encrypted.
  • If there is a case of infection, you inform the health department, that you are using SecTrace. We take care of the rest for you.
  • SecTrace replace all your paper records and lists
  • SecTrace is free of charge until May 2021 for all hosts, and after that for up to 500 scans per month.


How it works:

  • Register in the SecTrace app
  • The company’s relevant data is collected there
  • Multiple locations can be specified and selected in the app
  • The SecTrace Passes of guests are scanned and re-encrypted when they come and go.
  • The data of guests who do not yet have a SecTrace Pass can be entered directly in the app. These will also be encrypted.

Test now for free!

Until May 2021, the SecTrace app is free of charge for all operators, organisations, companies, etc.

500 scans for free

After registration in the app, 500 scans of SecTrace passes per month are free of charge.

Benefits tailored to your needs


up to 5,000


€ 29.90 *



up to 10,000


€ 49.90 *





€ 99.90 *


On request, we are also happy to transmit individual package prices for e.g. cities, regions, municipalities, associations and enterprises.
Contact us!

* plus local statutory VAT (Germany: 19%, Austria: 20%, Switzerland: 7.7%)

One app – many benefits




Also for
several locations


Fast scanning
of guests


No more paperwork

All contact details of your guests are digitally recorded.

Faster processing

By simply scanning the SecTrace Pass with the SecTrace app, each guest is captured in seconds as they come and go.

More security

Simple and privacy-compliant registration gives the guest and you peace of mind.


You can capture the data of each guest contactless.

More guests

If your guests feel safe in your facility, they will recommend it to others and come back again.

More turnover

By securely and quickly capturing your guests’ contact information, you can welcome more guests and increase your revenue.

No closures

SecTrace prevents the re-closure of public facilities by capturing all guests in a privacy-compliant manner.

Public health department

If there is a case of infection, you inform your responsible institution, your health department, that you are using SecTrace and we do the rest for you. Your time is saved for your guests.

Social contribution

By using SecTrace you make a social contribution and of course you can market this in a promotional way for your institution.

Protection of the personal data of your guests

  • Data is never analyzed for movement profiling

  • Scan data is irretrievably deleted after four weeks

  • Data can only be viewed if necessary and only by the health authority

  • No visible paper lists

  • The guest remains anonymous

  • Personal data cannot be viewed even by the host

  • GDPR compliant

Let your guests know that you are using SecTrace!

You can easily download our information sign and place it in the entrance area of your premises. Your guests immediately receive all the necessary information on how their contact details are digitally and securely recorded by you.