Let’s make safe movement possible!

We work on secure data management
– and help after the lockdown!

With SecTrace, guest, host and institution work together,
so that when needed – and really only then – the right data is quickly available to trace infection chains.
This is how we all help to keep public Live OPEN – professionally, easily and securely!

SecTrace is a highly scalable, open platform that complies with current regulations, can connect to other applications
and meets any future requirement. Exclusively in the service of health.

SecTrace is therefore much more than just a contact tracing app.


As a guest you are a customer at the hairdresser, in a restaurant, in a bar, a concert or cinema or simply a guest of friends.
With SecTrace you can easily provide your host with encrypted personal data. After three weeks, the data is irretrievably deleted and never used for movement profiles.
All you need is your SecTrace Pass – on your cell phone or printed out.


As a host you finally welcome guests again, you also have the responsibility to seamlessly record their contact details, store them and make them available to the authorities if needed – all in compliance with data protection laws. SecTrace is the perfect solution – it replaces all your paper lists. Your guests’ data is recorded and stored in a way that is not readable for you. If your health department requests the guest list because of a Covid 19 incidence, refer them to SecTrace.


As a member of a government agency, public health department or other public institution, you ensure the rapid and complete tracing and containment of infection chains. Enormous amounts of data need to be captured and analyzed. SecTrace helps to collect data from the host and stores contact data in encrypted form. After your registration and secure login, you can retrieve and decrypt the contact details from our Sectrace database for the specific event period and location.

1. Issue SecTrace Pass

SecTrace - Contact tracing digital & secure

Comfortably enter your contact data at home on your laptop, PC or smartphone using www.sectrace.me/en/my-sectrace-pass.

2. Safe SecTrace Pass

SecTrace - Contact tracing digital & secure

Receive your own SecTrace Pass with encrypted data by email, save it to your phone, add it to your wallet or print it out.

3. Show SecTrace Pass

SecTrace - Contact tracing digital & secure

When visiting a public facility, have your own SecTrace Pass scanned with encrypted contact information.





Super markets

Swimming pools

Sports stadiums

Amusement parks




... and many more


Trade fairs





SecTrace - Contact tracing digital & secure

Guests register on the SecTrace website

Every individual creates his/her own SecTrace Pass online on the website www.sectrace.me/en/my-sectrace-pass, which contains all personal contact data in encrypted form. The data entered in the process will only be used to generate your Pass and will not be stored.


Hosts use the SecTrace app

Hosts register in the SecTrace app. The company’s relevant data is collected there. Multiple locations can be specified and selected in the app. The SecTrace Passes of guests are scanned and re-encrypted when they come and go. The data of guests who do not yet have a SecTrace Pass can be entered directly in the app. These will also be encrypted.

SecTrace the platform
– scalable and made for maximum data protection

SecTrace is an open platform for contact data tracing additionally offering an application to be used with a SecTrace Pass. SecTrace can be scaled up as needed to support millions of contact captures per day. SecTrace is open to collaboration with other vendors, thereby providing access for institutions. SecTrace is therefore much more than just a contact tracing app.

  • Data is never analyzed for movement profiling

  • Scan data is irretrievably deleted after three weeks

  • Data can only be viewed if necessary and only by the health authority

  • No visible paper lists

  • The guest remains anonymous

  • Personal data cannot be viewed even by the host

  • GDPR compliant