We are a public limited company based in Germany. Our group of companies currently includes 3 technology companies with nearly 250 employees in 7 countries. Since 2006 we are listed on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt. Our annual reports are publicly available.

For about 40 years we have been developing highly specialized systems, consisting of hardware and software, for international telecommunication operators, helping to build and operate better broadband networks and to reduce the energy required to do so. Every year, our systems are tested for safety and reliability. We produce all the systems we develop in Germany.

Our customers include the largest telecommunications companies in around 30 countries.


Why we developed SecTrace?

After realizing that getting out of the lockdown was harder than we thought, we decided on short notice to get a team together and develop SecTrace.

We originally wanted to develop an app, but have seen many times that closed systems are not the right approach, so we decided on a platform that can be scaled up if needed and is open to collaboration and customization.

A smartphone app should never be a condition for the “guest” to offer digitization as a helper. Therefore, it was important for us to offer a solution where no app is needed, in order not to exclude anyone.

When we started, we came to the conclusion that the existing solutions on the market do not meet the necessary requirements. Of course, there is further development. We still consider our system to be excellent – individually or together in a network!

Lets’ keep public live open and stay safe at the same time!

We would like to bring public life
back to life

For all of us the situation is a special challenge. We all wish for “normality” to return to our lives and would like to finally enjoy life again together with family and friends.

We would like to make our contribution to data protection

Contact tracing is especially important in these times. With SecTrace, we have found a way to maintain privacy for everyone despite the collection of personal data.

We want to support guests, hosts and institutions

SecTrace makes public life easier. Hosts can open their facilities, guests regain their security and institutions can track steadily.

We want to live with
the challenge

The novel Corona virus has an impact on our lives. With the right attitude, lifestyle and tools, we can control the pandemic, instead of having the pandemic control us.

You can help, too!


Guests register on the SecTrace website

Every individual creates his/her own SecTrace Pass online on the website www.sectrace.me/en/my-sectrace-pass, which contains all personal contact data in encrypted form. The data entered in the process will only be used to generate your Pass and will not be stored.


Hosts use the SecTrace app

Hosts register in the SecTrace app. The company’s relevant data is collected there. Multiple locations can be specified and selected in the app. The SecTrace Passes of guests are scanned and re-encrypted when they come and go. The data of guests who do not yet have a SecTrace Pass can be entered directly in the app. These will also be encrypted.


We are part of the “Wir für Digitalisierung” (We for Digitization) initiative and as such are in close exchange with the developers of the IRIS gateway.

The IRIS gateway enables the secure transport of digital contact data to health authorities.